The Pitfalls Of Being A Teenage Blogger

As you read my blog each day, most of you believe that I have my life all figured out and ready to be the perfect person. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to have my life figured out but I haven’t. Yet. I don’t think I am close to that even. But the point […]

The Pitfalls Of Being A Teenage Blogger


  1. Hill Study Center · February 20

    Yes, I also experienced the same things. Football bet advertisments have covered the entire surface.

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  2. katiemiafrederick · February 19

    SMiLes Dear Annabel Enjoying Reading
    Your Blog Yet That Link You Are Providing
    Leads to Pop-ups Filling The Page Including

    Some Video
    Chat With
    A Woman in
    What Looks Like Lingerie

    Not Sure if Your Site Has
    Been Hacked Or What
    Yet for now It doesn’t
    Seem like it is

    You are
    talking about
    i Saw the same
    Thing Happen to
    “Mariana Dynasty’s” Blog
    too, Don’t Know if it is intentional
    or Someone is Hacking into Your
    Site Anyway Just letting You Know…

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